Rainy Ride Rescue: How To Take Care Of Your Bike In Heavy Rains

Some bikers consider their two-wheeler to be their soul mate. They can even share on social media, “In a relationship with my bike”! They have Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for bike maintenance and are possessive about keeping their bikes immaculate. In the rainy season, this “care quotient” soars. If you are a bike enthusiast or want to get your bike ready for severe weather, read on and follow the advice provided.

How Should Your Bike Be Maintained During Severe Rain?

  1. Perfect Adjustment

Because of our hectic schedules, it can be challenging to remember when your bike needs serviced, whether you own an AMC or not. An excellent way to fine-tune your bike is to service it before the rainy season begins. Any minor annoyances will be resolved during the servicing. Basic maintenance tasks that must be completed during servicing include lubricating the chain and changing the engine’s oil. Find out from the workshop executive if your bike needs rain-specific treatments, like coating or anti-rusting.

  1. Not Braking Adversely

Oil spills, wet roads, and irresponsible drivers can all be fatal. Improper braking can put you and other riders in danger and endanger drivers and pedestrians. Please make sure the brakes on your bike are operating at their best. Also, it takes skill to control your motorcycle after braking. Maintain a safe distance, don’t speed, and apply the brakes forcefully.

  1. Check For Moisture

During the rainy season, moisture can impact the air filters on your bike and other similar components. It is advised to check your bike’s air filter if you experience any resistance when starting it or if the engine cuts off in the middle of the ride. Some have developed some moisture. The problems should be solved by cleaning the wet area.

  1. Wear A Helmet

Whether it’s raining or not, you must wear a helmet when riding. Additionally, indicator lights become more noticeable when riding a bike in the rain. If there is wind in addition to the rainfall, visibility may suffer. In a situation like this, indicators serve as a beacon of light.

Continue To Stay Covered

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