Emerging and Innovative Consumer-Facing Applications and Products

Most people spend their time working on a laptop, computer, or other electronic gadgets. After reaching home, they used to scan their social media, watch the latest episodes on smart TVs, etc. Nowadays, when you go out, the smartphone will be in your pocket, allowing you to interact with friends, colleagues, and family on the way and attend emergencies. So, technology is offering convenience and entertainment. You can get the latest technology solutions and gadgets at affordable rates through the online platform – Procurenet.

3D printing

The powerful technology of 3D printing has many advantages and applications. 3D printers find usage in various applications like commercial and residential buildings, healthcare, manufacturing facilities, etc. Manufacturers can use three-dimensional printing to reduce the time needed for the manufacture of parts. It eliminates the need for expensive tooling and manufacturing setups. The production facilities can produce parts using digital files in a matter of a few hours. It helps to meet the demand for products.

Health wearables

Health wearables help users monitor their steps daily. The data gathered through a recent study shows that more than 80% of the population is willing to use this fitness technology. A major evolution has taken place in this space since it hit the shelves a few years ago. A variety of wearable technologies are in the race.

Blood pressure monitors and wearable ECGs send data directly to the hospital, so clinicians can monitor the health of patients and intervene immediately in the event of an issue. The adhesive patches—biosensors—allow the users to perform their daily activities and, at the same time, collect vitals like temperature, activity, heart rate, and breathing. According to a recent study, these small devices help users mitigate the chances of cardiac arrest by around 89%.

The advantages of using wearable technologies include smartwatches that offer the convenience of checking emails and messages, a feature associated with mobiles. It allows for providing healthcare services remotely and planning diagnoses and treatment options. It reduces overhead compared to the traditional healthcare model.

The doctors can get insights into patients’ vitals in real time with the help of wearable technology. They can offer accurate diagnoses and medicines by sitting in a remote place. Accurate diagnosis allows patients to receive tailored solutions swiftly and provides better health outcomes. With the convenience of remote monitoring, users can enjoy all the benefits of visiting a clinic and save money. The recent advancements in artificial intelligence allow physicians to analyze user data and offer the best solutions so that patients can improve their health.

Insulin monitors and EKGs allow patients living thousands of miles away to send alerts to their loved ones. So, the family can depend on these devices for emergency alerts and offer care in real-time to save lives. You can get advanced health wearables on Procurenet at reasonable prices.

AR applications

Augmented reality (AR) is finding its way into our daily lives, apart from entertainment and marketing. AR glasses are expected to solve the issues being faced by clunky phones. They combine virtual information such as animations, three-dimensional images, videos, etc. with scenes in the real world. For example, Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, Oculus Quest 2, etc. overlay information in real-time on objects in the real world. They allow users to check texts, track emails, and access important information.

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