Do You Know Why Your Verified Sourcing Agents in China Forewarn You for the Cheapest Suppliers?

In China, if you contacted a supplier and asked for a product at a ridiculously low price, they might not refuse you.

In Chinese business culture, a supplier is more likely to fulfil or nearly meet your pricing request while cutting corners on a particular stage of manufacturing or delivery to make up the difference. hyderabad escorts

This may end up with the following:

  • Your production of goods will be made of inferior materials
  • Your goods may be packaged in inferior materials
  • Lead times may be significantly longer than originally anticipated.

The Chinese supplier will only give that customer more priority if he receives more profitable orders. In other words, the production of your order will be sped up and overly simplified, leading to shoddy and subpar products.

Without a doubt, the production of your things will be extremely delayed, almost missing the dispatch date. You will see that as you unpack the supply, units will actually be falling out of the container because it had been packed so cheaply.

Unsurprisingly, the materials supplied were so cheap, using stinking plastic for packing that you will have to throw the goods away and suffer a significant loss.

If you have hired any verified sourcing agents in China then he will never suggest you have any dealing with such companies who will be ready to offer you an unbelievable price.

You may also face lies in China

As per ancient Chinese folklore, a king’s ambassador asked the king if he would believe if one person tells him that a tiger has appeared in the marketplace. The king obviously said “No”.

The ambassador further asked if another person also tells you the same, then will you believe him? The king still maintained “No”. The ambassador further asked if one more person also repeats the same then will you believe?

The king then said, if many people said the same thing, then there is no reason to dismiss it and he may believe it as true. This means, three men are enough to make a king believe even an outrageous thing.

In fact, the ambassador was victimized due to such lies and the king believed in false information about him. So, the moral of the whole story is that repeated lies can finally become truth.

Therefore, if you are trying to buy any product from China, you should not also become a victim of such repeated lies told by a few Chinese suppliers.

Here any verified sourcing agents in China can forewarn you while negotiating with any Chinese company. Since they are well aware of Chinese culture and the way businesses are conducted in that country.

Therefore, if you have seen a certain price of a product from a few untrustworthy sources and started believing it to be true, you must avoid forcing your Chinese suppliers to offer it at that price.

Always buy quality product while negotiating price

As strange as it may seem, importers should avoid the urge to shop around for the lowest-price suppliers and instead select such suppliers that can produce their goods at the appropriate degree of quality.

Your verified sourcing agents in China will give you after compiling a preliminary list of prospective suppliers using this criterion, with whom you may start negotiating your desired price.

Also, keep in mind that per-unit price should not be your primary focus because factors like the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and logistics can have a big impact on your overall expenditure.


Your verified sourcing agents in China will always caution you not to do business with suppliers who offer absurdly low prices.

Since they are aware of Chinese business culture, choosing high-quality products is important before bargaining over pricing.

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