A Test Ride Review of the Bellooxa E-Bike City Wave 26″ V2: Cruising Through Lucerne in Pajamas:

One brisk morning, I decided to embark on a rather unconventional adventure—testing the Bellooxa E-Bike City Wave 26″ V2 through the picturesque city of Lucerne, all while comfortably dressed in my pajamas. What better way to truly experience the ease and convenience of a city e-bike designed for every occasion?

First Impressions

Right out of the gate, the Bellooxa City Wave impressed me with its stylish, modern step-through design that facilitated easy mounting and dismounting—a feature I appreciated more than I expected, especially in pajamas. The broad tires immediately hinted at the stable ride ahead, setting the tone for a morning of relaxed urban exploration.

Performance and Features

Engaging the eflizzer booster throttle grip, I enjoyed the novel experience of zipping through quiet morning streets without pedaling, reminiscent of a motorbike but much quieter and eco-friendly. This feature was particularly enjoyable on steeper inclines where the booster effectively eliminated the usual exertion, allowing me to ascend effortlessly at speeds up to 20 km/h.

Switching between the three riding modes—throttle-only, pedal assist, and manual pedaling—was seamless, offering a versatile riding experience that could be tailored to different parts of my journey. The pedal assistance mode was especially noteworthy, boosting up to 25 km/h, which made navigating through busier traffic smooth and efficient. The manual mode, while less exhilarating, was a pleasant reminder of traditional biking, though the Bellooxa’s weight was noticeable when the motor was off.

The integration of Bafang’s all-in-one system with the integrated battery and the SRAM GX 10 gears contributed to a very user-friendly ride. The efficient pedal sensor adapted the motor’s power smoothly in response to my riding style, ensuring optimal support throughout the ride.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort on the Bellooxa City Wave is a serious commitment. The Zoom suspension fork absorbed most bumps along the cobblestone paths and uneven roads of the old city, making my pajama-clad ride unexpectedly smooth. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes were responsive and effective, providing a reassuring sense of security with minimal effort—a notable advantage when you’re in sleepwear.

The CST Zeppelin tires were the unsung heroes, balancing maneuverability with stability, which was perfect for both the narrower lanes and the open streets around Lake Lucerne.

Final Thoughts

The Bellooxa E-Bike City Wave 26″ V2 stands out as an exemplary city e-bike that marries convenience, comfort, and versatility. Riding around Lucerne in my pajamas on the Bellooxa City Wave 26″ V2 was not just a whimsical adventure—it was a revelation in urban mobility. This e-bike combines style, comfort, and versatility in a way that suits both casual and serious riders. Whether you’re commuting, shopping, or simply enjoying a scenic ride, the City Wave adapts to your needs with ease.

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